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En las webs de SELAE utilizamos cookies tanto propias como de terceros para mejorar tu experiencia de usuario, realizar análisis estadísticos y ofrecerte información de interés. Si continúas navegando, entenderemos que aceptas su uso. Si necesitas más información o quieres saber cómo rechazarlas o eliminarlas, haz clic aquí.




What are cookies?


Cookies are files sent by a website which download and store the navigator of the user’s computer/smartphone/tablet (from this point forward device) when the user accesses certain websites. Their function is storing and establishing information about previous navigation done by the user from that device. That is why cookies can store information about the user’s equipment or about the navigation sessions of the websites he/she has visited.


Cookies previously received from the Sociedad Estatal de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (from this point forward SELAE) server and stored in the navigator, are sent to SELAE’s server every time a user enters SELAE’s website.


Type of cookies used in this website


The following description explains the type of cookies our website uses, their provider and a description of their function.


Cookies used by SELAE are:


Own cookies:







Technical cookies: allow to store a unique identifier per session by which it is possible to link the necessary data to make navigation in process possible.



SELAE internal balancer cookie. It allows the website load distribution among the information servers equipment.



Technical cookie. It manages the consent of the user for the use of the cookies in the website, to remember those users who have accepted them and those who haven’t, in such a way the first ones are not shown information in the upper part of the website in relation to it.



Technical cookie. It manages the language chosen by the user to show websites which allow it in that language.


Cookies from third-party:










Google Analytics


Analytical web service developed by Google, allows to measure and to analyse navigation in websites. These cookies compile information anonymously, including the number of visitors in the website, where visitors have got to the website from and the webpages visited. This information helps us to improve the navigation and contents of this website in relation to the amount of visits and other data provided by those cookies.







Servicio de analítica web desarrollado por Piwick, que permite la medición y análisis de la navegación en las páginas web. Estas cookies recopilan información de forma anónima, incluyendo el número de visitantes al sitio, desde dónde los visitantes han llegado al sitio y las páginas que visitó. Esta información nos ayuda a mejorar la navegación y contenidos de este sitio web en función de la carga de visitas y otros datos proporcionados por dichas  cookies.


This cookie is used to identify the browsers that have accepted the sending of web notifications from SELAE.



Cookie to control the SELAE website status and identify bad connections and the access to information speed.


SELAE is not responsible for the content and veracity of the policy and conditions of use and privacy of third-parties in any case, included in these conditions through links published in SELAE’s policy.


In any case, the user can set the navigator options installed in his/her equipment to allow or disable the storing of the cookies, or to eliminate them. To do so, the user must visit the sites of each provider shown in the previous chart.


The user is informed that disabling or eliminating  the installation and use of cookies can imply that certain services and contents of the website are limited or inactive, which can prevent the user from enjoying certain services and contents.

Consent to SELAE to use cookies in this website


In relation to the use of cookies in this website described in the previous paragraph, the user consents and authorizes their use in the following way:


When the user visits any website, he/she will see a warning informing that SELAE’s website uses cookies. The user can accept or reject the use of cookies setting its navigator. If the user does not set his navigator to inactivate the cookies, the user therefore accepts the use made out of the cookes when browsing SELAE’s website and using its services. The user has may accept the use of cookies at any moment through his/her navigator, or stop accepting them every time he initiates a navigation session on our website.


How to disable the use of cookies on SELAE’s website


The user has the possibility to accept the use of cookies at any moment through his/her navigator, or stop accepting them every time he initiates a navigation session on our website.

So, when navigating the website, the user has the opportunity to accept or decline the use of cookies, and despite the initial acceptance of the use of cookies, the user can stop accepting the use of cookies on this website, eliminating the cookies from his/her computer and setting his/her navigator to deactivate them.

However, if the user eliminates the following cookies he will not have access to the following website services:



Cookie to eliminate


Google Analytics Cookies

The user will be able to use all the services the website offers and to navigate the web without restrictions.

Cookies de Piwick El usuario podrá utilizar todos los servicios que ofrece la página web y navegar por la web sin restricciones. Cookie

The user will be able to use all the services the website offers and to navigate the web without restrictions.


The user will be able to use all the services the website offers and to navigate the web without restrictions.

Cookies jsessionid pvmtbesaju and sagajuegos

 Cookie jsessionid: The user will not be able to use any of the services which require authentication. The navigator will neither remember the previous actions carried out by the user  (websites visited, data introduced...), so every website will appear as if it was the first time the user has visited it.

Cookies usr_lang and org.springframework..LOCALE

The user will not be able to change the language when browsing SELAE’s website. All the information will be shown in Spanish. He will be able to use the services on the web without restrictions.

Cookie cookies_policy and Cookies_policy2

The user will receive a warning on the website using cookies every time he/she accesses a new webpage on the site, since the navigator will not remember the answer to that previous warning. He/she will be able to use the services on the web without restrictions.


The web services will not be available without the cookies authorisation described in the chart above.


Most of navigators allow you to change your cookies configuration. These settings are normally found in “Options” or “Preferences” in the user navigator menu, in “Privacy” or “Navigation record”. For more info, go to “Help” in your navigator.

 Protection of Personal Data


The information supplied by cookies used on the website specific to the user’s equipment can be combined with his/her personal data only in the cases in which the user authenticates them in the same session, and strictly only in the case of the cookie for that session.


According to the Organic Law 15/1999, 13 December, on protection of personal data, personal data associated to cookies and cookies themselves in any case, will be stored in a file under the responsibility of Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, S.A. to allow the recording and use of the game services on the web. This data may be notified to authorities and bodies with competence in the subject, courts and tribunals in the cases legally referred to this extent. The party concerned may exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by addressing in a writing properly signed to SELAE Capitán Haya 53, 28020, Madrid, with the reference “Derechos ARCO” (“ARCO Rights”), any that may replace and be communicated in the Registro General de Protección de Datos, by explaining clearly the petition or right which is being exercised as well as name, surnames and address, and by attaching an ID copy or valid document which can identify his/her identity, to identify him/her unmistakably.



Occasionally, SELAE may update these conditions and cookies policy. Any modification in these conditions will be published on this website.  From the moment on the new conditions are published on the website and and available to users, these conditions will be applied substituting the previous ones. It is the user’s responsibility to periodically access these conditions published on our SELAE website to learn about the latest version.



Legislation and jurisdiction applicable


These particular conditions are governed by Spanish legislation.
The parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdictions, submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid for the settlement of any proceedings that may arise, and, if applicable, the Courts of Arbitration to which SELAE belongs at the time of the dispute arising.


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