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Responsible Game


Gaming risk behaviour detection mechanism

SELAE has defined a model and implemented a process to detect risk behaviours among its players. The process for detecting risk behaviour will be performed in a block of three weeks.

The processing of the personal data of the players that results from applying the model will only have the purpose of detecting people who engage in risk behaviour and the implementation of the following measures:

If a player in the SELAE gaming system is detected for 3 weeks in a row (block) displaying risk behaviour, the following information will be sent to him/her, the first time the following is detected:

1.       Information regarding the participations and spending of the player in the period of the analysis.

2.       Complete the self-assessment test

3.       Recommend access to the responsible gaming area of the website and:

          a.        Check the existing gambling activity and expenses

          b.       Consult self-exclusion and self-prohibition.

4.       Recommend that you play responsibly.

In the event that the player continues with the risk behaviour in successive weeks, SELAE will send the following information:

1. Information regarding the participation and spending by the player in the period of the analysis
2. Recommend access to the responsible gaming area of the website and:

           a.        Check the existing gambling activity and expenses

           b.       Consult self-exclusion and self-prohibition.

       3.    Recommend that they play responsibly.

Communication of temporary suspension of player account

      If the player, in the next two blocks of three weeks (6 consecutive weeks), is detected as displaying risk behaviour, in at least two weeks of each block, the gaming suspension notice will be issued.

Temporary account suspension of the Player at Risk

      SELAE will proceed to temporarily suspend the player’s gaming account for a period of 3 months, when the player maintains at least one risk behaviour after three weeks following the suspension notice. After three months of the temporary suspension of the account, the activation of the account will be communicated to the player.

      During the suspension of the account, the player will not be able to make a deposit to his/her lotobolsa or make bets, but will be able to recover the money he/she had in the lotobolsa and the prizes previously won will be paid out.

When does a player stop being considered at risk?

       When a Player at Risk does not have any risk behaviour detected for 12 weeks in a row following the detection and communication, he/she will again be considered a Player NOT at Risk.

Assistance hotline

       This service is directly provided by SELAE. The content of the assistance provided is information about:

        a) The risks that gambling activity may generate.

        b) The possibility of taking a self-assessment test.

        c) The possibility of exercising the powers of self-prohibition or self-exclusion.

        d) Public services for the prevention and care of disorders associated with gambling.

     All the information processed is confidential