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Lucky combination

  • 06
  • 12
  • 14
  • 17
  • 19
  • 23




  • Select the type of bet, choose the numbers and click "Continue"

    The bet is for the immediately following round of Turf.

    Simple: Choose 6 numbers from the first table (from 1 to 31) and a horse from the second table (1 to 12), corresponding to the horse winner of the 4th race of the Turf round.

    Multiple: Choose between 6 and 10 numbers of the first table (from 1 to 31) and between 1 and 4 horses of the second table (1 to 12).

    The more numbers you have, the larger your bet and your chances of winning will be.

    In the simple bet you can play in a single time between 1 and 6 bets per ticket (up to 6 "blocks"), choosing the 6 numbers and the horse in each bet and clicking on "Continue" each time.

  • Review your bet and click "Next"

    Choose whether you wish to save your bet and review it before paying.

  • Choose the details and click "Next"

    Choose whether you wish for us to play this bet weekly for you. ("Subscribe")

  • Purchase your bet

    Each bet costs 1 €. We will charge the price from your lotobolsa balance, previously loaded. The refund number will be assigned to you automatically.

  • In general you will receive a prize if you guess at least 3 numbers and the wining horse. (See the legislation to this regard).

    If you guess the refund you will receive the amount bet on this voucher.

    The draws take place on the Turf round days at 9:15 p.m. generally, except for Thursdays where it is held at 9:45 p.m. The scrutiny takes place after the draw except for night rounds of Turf where it is carried out approximately 30 minutes after the ending of the 4th race of the round.


  • SSimple
  • MMultiple

Click on your numbers

Lototurf ticket
  • Result for Saturday, 22 June 

    JACKPOT1,133,000 €
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