loteriasyapuestas.es Website Access


During the construction of the loteriasyapuestas.es website, a series of measures were adopted in order to improve its accessibility. 

These include a series of advantages, such as:

  • Facilitating user access, regardless of  physical condition or environment.
  • Permitting access using different user agents
  • Including clear, well-structured content
  • Improving the browsing and experience of the user

The following measures have been adopted, amongst others:

  • Use of CSS for presenting information
  • Alternative text in images
  • The links provide details on the function or destination of the hyperlink
  • Use of the W3C standards
  • Improvements are periodically made on the website. These improvements are always aimed at maintaining or raising the level of compliance with standards.

Compliance with the standards

The pages of this website are adapted to "Accessible Content Guidelines for Web 1.0" of the W3C, available at http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/WAI-WEBCONTENT-19990505, level A (A).

All the requirements of Priority 1 have been checked with a manual accessibility analysis via different semi-automatic tools, user agents and technical support.

Recommended set-up for browsing the website

For the best experience using this relationship channel, we recommended that the Participant use the following technical means:

  • Web browser: Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Mozilla 3.0.0 or higher.
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1,024x768
  • To view certain contents, Adobe Flash plug-in is necessary
  • To consult certain documents, Adobe Reader plug-in must be installed.
  • You must have the Java and JavaScript options installed on your web browser
  • You must have cookies enabled in your web browser

There are no requirements or restrictions regarding the computer or operating systems used.


Any complaint, query or suggestion regarding the improvement of this portal's accessibility can be sent via the form created for this purpose on the Contact page.