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How to play Quíntuple Plus. at


Each of Quíntuple Plus bets consists of selecting the bibs of the winners of the 5 first races of the associated Turf event and the bib of the 2nd qualified in the 5th race. In Quíntuple Plus 55% of the collection is destined to prizes.

  • To participate you only have to:

1.- Choose the forecast of 6 horse bids you wish to play.

2.- You may play several horses in each race in one time.

3.- Add the desired forecast to your purchase.

4.- Click on the CONTINUE button. Now you can give a name to your bet to clearly differentiate it and save it as a FAVOURITE. Then click on "NEXT".

5.- Check all the options and click on the "BUY" button.

If you filled in your Quintuple Plus randomly, regardless of what you know about horses, you would have the following approximate odds of winning in each prize category:


Approximate odds of winning

1st (5 winning horses and 2nd in the 5th race)

1 in 2,737,152

2nd (5 winning horses)

1 in 273,715

3rd (4 winning horses and 2nd in the 5th race)

1 in 49,766

4th (4 winning horses)

1 in 4,977