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Secure payment by credit/debit card


After entering the system by keying in your Tax/Foreigner ID Number and password, you will see your personal space in the header together with an icon that will enable you to deposit money in your Lotobolsa, the virtual Loterías wallet that you will have to use to pay for your bets. Remember that you can always download any money that you put in this wallet and that you don't want to play with completely free.

  • Select the “Bank card” option and the amount you wish to pay. Remember that payment is only allowed through bank cards issued in Spain.
  • By clicking on "Send", the website will redirect you to the Redsys (Online Secure Card Payment Gateway) page where your payment will be made. SELAE will never see your card number or other associated data.  
  • Once on this page, if you have not checked (or uncheck) the option to use the data of the last card used, you will have to accept the transaction and enter your bank card number, the expiration date and its CVV (the 3-digit number that appears on the back of the card). When the loading process continues, the browser will redirect you to your bank's website so that you enter the authorization code sent by your bank to authorize the charge (in each bank it is different), as it is a Secure Electronic Payment.
  • In the event that you keep the "Use last card" option checked, the browser will redirect you directly to your bank's website for you to enter the authorization code that your bank sends you to authorize the charge (different for each bank), since we will inform Redsys to make the transaction for the last card you used from our website, and Redsys will provide this information for you. In any case, the payment is a Secure Electronic Payment.
  • Then, your bank will generally show you a screen with the transaction details, you check if they are correct, and the entity will ask you to enter a credential (which it will have sent you and that only you know). A completely secure, personal and fast system.
  • Accept the charge and the browser will reopen a page where we indicate that your lotobolsa has now been topped up, or, if you started the process from a bet, you will return to the bet page to continue your purchase.

Under all circumstances, remember that in order to deposit more than €150, you must have your personal details verified by document. To do so, all you have to do is send us photos of both sides of your ID document (Tax/Foreigner ID Number) by attaching them to our contact form.