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Favourite combinations

Favourite combinations

In this section you can see the combinations you’ve saved as your favourites. You can see all of them at once, or filtered by game. Whatever the case, you’ll be shown 10 combinations per page.


¿What can I do with my favourite combinations?

Each one of these combinations can be:

  • Used to fill out a new ticket and bet online via the Jugar (Play) link
  • Retrieved for checking whether you have won a prize for a draw of your choice via the Comprobar (Check) link 
  • Delete it if you are thinking of not using it again or if you want to use that name for a new combination


¿What limitations are there on the use of favourites?

You can store up to 50 favourite combinations, but remember that you can’t use the same name for more than one of them


NOTE for Lototurf favourites with random horse selection 
In the case of Lototurf favourites generated via the random selection of winning horse(s), this randomness is retained in the favourite. This means that if you use it to bet with again, the system will randomly assign you with (a) new winning horse(s). If, on the other hand, you use it for checking purposes, you must manually enter the horse or horses you actually bet on so that we can calculate your prize.