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Security on the website and in the official Apps

Security of your personal information: 

At Lotteries we assure the confidentiality of your data, and we use them only for the management of the service that we offer through this website and our App. There is no transfer of information to third parties except those required by law, such as the obligation to inform the Tax Agency of winners (and exclusively to it) in the case of large prizes.

Loterías del Estado follows closely what is established by the GRPD (General Rules of Data Protection) and you can exercise all of your rights over your data through this portal or in direct contact using the phone numbers that appear on the portal.


Security of your browsing:

Whenever you log in to the play zone and to the private registered user area, you will reconnect automatically using the latest security standards. On any page of the website where you see personal data, these data are transmitted through a secure protocol to your screen.

Loterías del Estado conducts frequent reviews of the safety of the website and the official App in order to detect any possible deficiency or vulnerability. However, the protection of your mobile phone or personal computer used for access is your responsibility and will depend on your usage habits and the tools that you have installed to ensure this is completely secure or has no weakness. We recommend that you always keep your anti virus updated and check the security of your access device on a regular basis.


Security using your card as a means of payment:

This portal allows the option of using a credit/debit card to pay for Lotobolsa, which has an authentication mechanism as specified by your bank. In doing so, even if your card is lost or stolen, you will not be able to use it on our website or App until the secret key that you have set is known. This is known as securised cards. To learn how to secure your phone or more on this issue please go to: VISA, Mastercard or your own bank.

Finally, you must remember that Loterías del Estado can block players when we observe potentially suspicious or fraudulent behaviour or that does not comply with the regulations specified in the terms of use, and we may subsequently initiate legal action in each case.