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How to play Lotería Nacional


Every Lotería Nacional purchase consists of the acquisition of one or more tenths of a five-figure number that participates in a draw with previously established prizes and available numbers. Lotería Nacional allocates 70% of the money raised to prizes.

  • To take part all you have to do is:

1.- Choose the draw.

2.- Choose the numbers of the tenth part you want, or leave them to chance.

3.- Add the tenth part you want to your purchase.

4- Continue and decide whether or not you want to make the same purchase week after week.

5.- Review all options and play.

  • The prize of each tenth part varies depending on the draw, and you can choose the number you want or allow the system to choose it for you (random tenth of a ticket). In the first case, the number you want might not be available for online sale.
  • Y0U MAY, of course, BUY TENTHS OF A LOTERÍA DE NAVIDAD OR EL NIÑO TICKET when these draws are put on sale.

Find out here just how easy it is to take part in the most important and traditional draw of the year!



  • If you have selected a random digit, remember that the following combinations of random and manual digits are permitted:
  1. Leave all to chance: * * * * *
  2. Choose only the last digit: * * * * M
  3. Choose the last 2 digits: * * * M M
  4. Choose the last 3 digits: * * M M M
  5. Choose the last 4 digits: * M M M M
  6. Choose only the first digit: M * * * *
  7. Choose the first 2 digits: M M * * *
  8. Other combinations: X***Y,X**YZ,X*ZWQ,XY**Z,XY*ZW,XYZWQ

Where 'M' represents the digits manually chosen by you and * depicts digits to be randomly allocated by the system.