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SELAE offers users this new and unique service,  the only official online channel with the same guarantees and functionalities as when operating in the traditional manner, via sales points.

Once you receive confirmation of your participation, which is issued immediately online  by the central gaming systems, you will know for sure that your combinations and predictions have been included in the sweepstakes or contest, with the guarantee of SELAE .

Under no circumstances is SELAE able to guarantee the satisfactory outcome of participations entrusted to independent administrators.

SELAE shall keep and securely process all personal user data, bank and credit card details, payment and prize claim transactions, guaranteeing reliability (that information is not corrupted), confidentiality (that it is only known to whoever needs to know) and availability (that is available when needed).

Some detailed aspects:

    • Any information transferred from the participant's computer to SELAE technical internet facilities will be encrypted during transit according to the usual system (supported by your browser, using the SSL cryptographic protocol which activates the 'padlock' on your browser).  This is activated by the use of a server certificate issued to LAE by the National Mint (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, or FNMT).
    • The credit/debit card payment system used integrates 'Secure Online Payment', also known as 3DSecure, which guarantees that card payments are made only and exclusively by their holder.

    • The web application is designed to avoid leaving traces of the transmitted information on your computer, in such a way that you can technically access the service from any location without fear. Nonetheless, the computer may be configured to save your browsing history, any websites visited, passwords entered, etc. Unless you are IT proficient, we advise you to use the service only from trusted computers.

    • The web application makes use of an access control mechanism which requires you to identify some 'hard to read' letters in order to avoid identity theft. This is a minor inconvenience which makes a fundamental contribution to the protection of your data and the service.

    • The safe-keeping of all the information provided to SELAE is registered, processed and backed up by robust equipment and communications, to ensure that it is always available to you.

    • Customer care, which is provided by the Customer Service Centre, is operated by employees from the SELAE group, specialised in Games, according to strictly controlled and automated procedures, thus ensuring that the information is safeguarded under the appropriate conditions.

    • All of this is based on professional means of operation, in accordance with the most up-to-date standards of information security (ISO 27mil and WLA-SCS) credit card data processing (PCI-DSS) and quality management (ISO9000)

Nonetheless, with regard to the above, SELAE would like to remind internet users that the Internet is not always as safe as one might expect or as it may seem.

Although SELAE cannot prevent users from suffering some kind of incident during their Internet use, SELAE takes the utmost care in its operations and systems to prevent errors, to the greatest extent possible. In fact, the system is designed to ensure that prizes are received only by winning users .

Nonetheless, there is nothing SELAE can do to protect the confidentiality of the data of a particular Participant or other components if said Participant is not careful to protect the confidentiality of his/her username and password. Given that there are risks on the Internet, SELAE encourages users to take the appropriate technical and behavioural actions to protect themselves in the face of threats such as identity theft or the communication violations, for example:

    • As regards your equipment and to the extent you deem necessary, you are advised to make use of the latest software versions, as these tend to integrate increased security measures to protect the confidentiality or integrity of your data, and to properly review your settings to, for instance, prevent your browser from providing your username, password or email address to any web servers you access that might request them.

  • As regards your behaviour, we would ask you to access the SELAE website,  by entering the web address yourself rather than using hyperlinks or untrusted favourites in order to avoid incidents.  Never provide your access or personal details to anyone by email or on the phone.  Always ensure that you call the right number to reach the Customer Service Centre.  Free related web entering the web address yourself rather than using hyperlinks or untrusted favourites in order to avoid certain deceptions, and never to provide your access or personal details by email or on the phone, always ensuring that you call the right number to reach the Customer Service Centre.