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Subscriptions to remember to play

Subscriptions are the way to play our games without having to access the website or App,

by simply keeping a sufficient balance in your Lotobolsa for the bets that you decide to play automatically each week.

  • Bets will be generated during the morning of the first day in which it is possible to play them, after the previous draws. For example, if you generate your subscription for a bet on Bonoloto that plays in the draws from Monday to Saturday, the subscription will run during the early morning from Saturday to Sunday so you can participate in all the bets of the following week. In all cases, you will receive an email with your virtual ticket in exactly the same way as if you had entered and betted on the web.

To generate a subscription you will need to place a bet via the web or Apps and on the 2nd step of the purchase we will give you the option to subscribe.

  • You must indicate the time (number of weeks) for which you want to subscribe (or indefinitely until the balance of your Lotobolsa runs out) and have enough credit in your Lotobolsa so your bets can be validated.  
  • The subscription may contain a fixed combination (of your choice) or an automatic selection, except in Quintuple Plus (in which the system chooses a different combination each week) according to how you decide to generate your bet.

You will only have to remember to regularly deposit enough in your Lotobolsa balance so you don´t miss a week of playing our games. If this does not happen, your subscription will not run and will be disabled.

  • You can generate subscriptions for our sport games and Lotos.
  • In the case of the Lotería Nacional, a purchase order will be generated, because it is not possible for us to supply the tenth with the selection you want every week because it has been sold at a point-of-sale, and the request may not be met for some draws. When this happens you will be notified immediately by e-mail so you can make a purchase for this draw by other means if you so wish.

      The purchase request WILL NOT BE MADE for the SPECIAL draws or for the EXTRAORDINARY draws.