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How to play La Quiniela at

Each bet on La Quiniela consists of predicting the result of 14 matches of the associated round of football matches and the exact result of an additional match (the "Pleno al 15") while bearing in mind that 3 or more goals are indicated with the letter ‘M’. ‘1’ is used to predict a home win, ‘2’ is used for an away win, with "X” being used for a draw . La Quiniela sets aside 55% of overall takings for prizes.

  • To participate you only have to:

1.- Choose the forecast of the 14 games winner and the exact result of the pleno al 15 you wish to play.

2.- You may choose up to 8 different forecast of the 14 first games (simple bets of many blocks) in one time or a combination of more forecasts for the 15 games, marking several forecasts in each game in one time (multiple bet).

You may also play conditioned or reduced bets (see the attached related documentation).

3.- Add the desired forecast to your purchase.

4.- Continue and decide if you wish to carry out the same purchase in successive weeks or not.

5.- Review all the options and play.

If you did a Quiniela randomly, regardless of what you know about football, you would have the following approximate odds of winning in each prize category:


Approximate odds of winning

All 15 correct

1 in 76,527,504

1st (14 Correct)

1 in 4,782,969

2nd (13 Correct)

1 in 170,820

3rd (12 Correct)

1 in 13,140

4th (11 Correct)

1 in 1,643

5the (10 Correct)

1 in 299

In addition, with each bet you make, you have the opportunity to play Elige8 (Choose8) for €0.50 more, with prizes for all your tickets that match the 8 matches you choose: Simply when placing your La Quiniela bet, choose to participate in the Elige8 and mark the matches with which you wish to participate with the forecasts indicated in the first column, in this game. You will therefore be eligible for these awards in addition to the usual La Quiniela.

In this case, if you filled in your Quiniela randomly by also randomly choosing the games you played at Choose8, you would have the following approximate odds of winning:


Approximate odds of winning

8 Correct

1 in 6,561

  • It is possible to play conditioned Quinielas directly on the website. Review how to do it:

  • Carry out a reduced Quiniela is simple and fast: