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Play Lotería de Navidad

Initially you will have to choose the Lotería de Navidad draw (there is always a minimum of 4 draws available for sale).

Then you will have to choose the 5-digit number (tenth-share ticket) with which you wish to participate in the draw. If you wish, you can select the digits of this number or the system can do it automatically for you in a random way, putting asterisks on the digits that you do not wish to select. You must also indicate the number of tickets you wish to purchase (between 1 and 10).

If you choose a specific number, please note this number may not be available for sale becuase it has already been sold through one of our lottery administrations.

The tickets generated are virtual (we will never send you your paper ticket, as these are sold exclusively in the lottery administrations) but they participate in the draws under the same conditions as the paper tickets and with the same chances of winning prizes. The only difference is that if you have bought a paper ticket you will have to present it to be eligible for any possible prizes, while in the case of online you will receive your prizes exactly the same as for the rest of the games without the need to present anything.

The price of each ticket is 20 €.

You will have a prize if your number (or any of its digits) is chosen in the draw within the previously established prize distribution of that draw: first prize, second prize, termination, approximation, cost of the ticket, minor lottery prizes, etc.).

This extraordinary draw takes place on the 22 December.

Remember that if you win a prize of 2,500 €, you must verify the bank account where you wish to collect it within three months of the date of the last draw in which your winning bet was entered.

If you match the cost of the ticket (corresponding to the last digit of the number in your ticket), you will receive the value of the ticket played for that draw.