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How to deposit money to play

After entering the system by keying in your Tax/Foreigner ID Number and password, you will see your personal space in the header together with an icon that will enable you to deposit money in your Lotobolsa, the virtual Loterías wallet that you will have to use to pay for your bets. Remember that you can always withdraw any money that you put in this wallet that you don’t want to play with completely free of charge.

Click on: 

When you click a page opens where you can select the way to load your Lotobolsa without any fee (the money that you will have to play once transferred):

  • Bank card
  • Fast transfer from your bank’s website

To proceed with your bank card

you must deposit an amount greater than €1 and then key your card details into the website of the processing centre outsourced by Loterías. Furthermore, given that we only permit secured cards, your issuing bank will ask you to provide a security PIN (SMS code, secret question, etc.) to confirm that it really is you who is using it.

Payment is only allowed through bank cards issued in Spain

If you do not want to key in your card details every time you load your Lotobolsa, check the option that enables you to use the same card you used last time:

Using PayPal

You need to enter an amount of more than €1 and access your Paypal website by clicking on the corresponding icon where you will be prompted to confirm the operation.

For security, PayPal only accepts one Lottery account for each PayPal account, so it will not be possible for two different people to use the same PayPal account to top up your Lotto Bank.


To set up the transaction with your bank 

You must enter an amount over €0.10 and access your bank's website by clicking on the corresponding icon where you will be prompted for confirmation of the requested transaction.

Click here  to check the banks that you can use. 

In any case, remember that to deposit more than €150 (adding together all the deposits made since 28/3/2019) the documents supporting your personal data document must have been verified. To do this, have your DNI/NIE on hand and, from a mobile device with a camera, access our identity verification process using our official App for IOS or Android or from the Personal Data screen by clicking here.