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Who guarantees that my prize will be paid?

The Order of the Ministry of Economy and Finance 2566/2005, of 20 July, authorises Loterías y Apuestas del Estado for the marketing and exploitation of their products through the Internet or other interactive media.

SELAE has not granted any licence to trade in their products through the Internet or other online channels to anyone.
SELAE promotes these games itself and has created their website and their official App – which are the only online channels where you are 100% guaranteed the placing of your bets and the payment of your prizes.

Therefore, this website and these Apps are the only ones that ensure that at the time you place the bet, this is recorded in the game management central systems without the intervention of any automatic intermediary and you take part in the draws of Loterías del Estado.


As you play directly with Lotteries, you are benefiting from the guarantee of the State directly. SELAE belongs to the Ministry of Economy and Finance and, therefore, there is no intermediary between you and the guarantee offered by the State in the following four points:

1. To ensure that as soon as you place your bet it is definitely included in the applicable draw.

To achieve this, the website and App, are connected directly to the central systems that collect all bets that are involved in the draw: When you place your bet, there is no third party.

It is the central system that accepts your bet and only in this case issues an electronic ticket. If the central system does not confirm the bet, it is not placed. Subsequently, only bets in the central system are involved in the winners’ ballot.

Therefore, you can only play online games on our official website and on our official App WITHOUT COMMISSION AND IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW OF THE GAME.

This process is subject to the most stringent security measures and has never suffered any relevant problem since its creation. SELAE has several certifications issued by BSI such as:

-          Quality Standard ISO:9001:2008

-          Information Security ISO/IEC 27001:2005

-          Security Control from the World Lottery Association WLA and Integrated Management, PAS 99:2006.

In the following diagram we graphically show the operation:

2. To ensure that the payment is made to the person who has really made the bet. How does this happen?

The bets placed are uniquely associated with the person who made them. If this person wins a jackpot (from €2,000 or more), it will be paid directly into the bank account that said person has indicated from the details in the winning bet and after having filled in the additional player knowledge form and provided documentation to verify his/her identity, by accessing our identity verification process through our official app for iOS or Android on the Personal Data screen, or by clicking here.

If the prize is small (less than 2,000 euros), it will be transferred to your Lotobolsa, from which you can download the amount by bank transfer.

It’s as simple as that: you collect your prizes directly from the banks with which SELAE operates, to the bank that you have indicated to us. Again without intermediaries and without worrying about your physical safeguards.


3. The guarantee of games with rules perfectly defined and accessible to the public in an easy way.

SELAE operates the following games on the Spanish market:

The main rules relating to the games are here. These rules define how to bet on each game. Only these forms of betting are those accepted by the central system and the prizes are assigned to those bets.

Both our website and our official App only accept bets that conform to these standards and cannot accept other types of combinations.

4. The Guarantee of Responsible Management of the game.

The accountability, transparency, integrity and security, the stringency, the commitment and orientation to the player are the core values of SELAE, which identify all their activity and which SELAE offers and demands from all its interest groups.

Income derived from the management of the games by SELAE, reverts to the Public Treasury and therefore, there is a reinvestment of profits by contributions to general welfare, support for sport, culture and social purposes.