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How do I collect the prize for tickets purchased on the sales website?

At Loterías, we distinguish between the prizes according to the amount accrued for each sub-ticket or ticket. Thus, we call prizes less than €2,000 minor prizes and tickets or sub-tickets for an amount equal to or greater than €2,000 major prizes.

  • You can collect a minor prize at any of the almost 11,000 Lottery Sales Network sales points, which are located across the country, from the day following the last draw in which the ticket participated.
  • If you have been awarded a major prize, the prize will only be paid to financial entities authorised by SELAE. Currently, an extensive network of over 16,000 bank branches throughout the country collaborate in providing this service. The updated list is available at Lottery sales points and also at these banks:

    • Abanca Corporación Bancaria
    • Banco de Sabadell
    • Bankia
    • BBVA
    • Caixa Bank
    • Cajamar
    • Caja Sur BBK
    • Ibercaja Banco
    • Kutxabank
    • Unicaja Banco

Remember that the financial institutions will not be able to make the payment of the prize effective without obtaining from the recipients of the prizes the necessary documentation and information to comply with their legal obligations regarding identification (regulations on preventing money laundering and financing terrorism, tax regulations or regulations of any other nature that may be applicable).  

On the other hand, the financial institutions are prohibited from charging any type of expense or commission for paying the prizes. Nor can they force the winning player to open any account with said entity.

When the prize is shared by a group of family members, friends, coworkers, couples, etc., in the case of major prizes to be collected in banking entities, the only difference is that all the prize holders must go to the financial entity to identify themselves. If the group is large and the winners voluntarily agree to it, they can appoint a representative to carry out the procedures on behalf of everyone. This appointment must be conferred in a public document before a notary, as we are talking about large amounts of public funds, which requires certainty as to who and why it is being paid.

In any case,  the limit free of the special tax on Lottery prizes and bets amounts to €40,000, so that all the prizes that do not reach this amount per sub-ticket or bet are tax free. 

You can have a ticket with an exempt amount for one prize and also another prize where the tax is applied. In all cases you will be paid the sum applicable for each individual calculation.

In the case of El Millón (game associated with Euromillions), the exemption is €24,000, since the ticket only costs €0.30 and the tax-exempt limit applies proportionally in the case of bets less than €0.50.

For large prizes, the amount over the exempt 40,000 euros will be subject to a 20% withholding.

Finally, remember to watch out because the prizes expire three months after the day following the last draw associated with the numbers listed on the ticket. The reason for this is that, in many of our games, we allow numbers to be played in more than one draw through a single receipt (Euromillions for Tuesday and Friday draws, Bonoloto every day except Sundays or Primitiva for Thursday and Saturday).

Fortunately, users can check the prizes in many ways: at the Lottery sales points, in the media or right here, on the official website and official Apps.