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How do I prove my identity?

Frequently Asked Questions about Identity Document Verification

Why do I have to verify my documents to continue playing on the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado website and not when I go in person to a point of sale?

The internet gambling regulation of 31 de October  2018 which affects players registered prior to 30 March 2019 on any online gambling website with a valid licence (including State Lotteries), requires us to do so, given that it is an essential requirement to be identified in order to participate in online gambling in Spain. This regulation does not affect face-to-face gambling, where it is not necessary to identify oneself in order to participate.

I have received an e-mail telling me that I must verify my registered identity on the website in order to continue participating. Is this true?

In the event that you meet any of the following requirements, you must verify your identity in order to continue to participate in the online game:

  • To have carried out, all operations added together, a volume of Lotobolsa (gambling account with Loterías del Estado) charges totalling more than €150 from 30 March 2019 to the current date.
  • You want to download funds from your Lotobolsa to your bank account.
  • Request a prize to be paid into your registered bank account.
  • The expiry date has been reached for any of the documents previously submitted to verify your identity.

In addition, SELAE may require a recent and successful documentary verification of identity in those cases it deems necessary in its actions against fraud and money laundering.

¿What does "have added a total exceeding €150 to their lotobolsa since 30 March 2019” mean?

The regulations require that the total amount of money a person can add to an online gaming operator's website without having their personal data documented must not exceed €150 since this regulation was published, which was on 30 March 2019. So, a player who has added €50 three times (total of €150) since that date will need to verify their identity in order to add more money, while if another player adds €49 three times (total of €147) they may add another €3 before having to verify their identity. In any case, the money stored in the lotobolsa can be used to bet at any time, with no restrictions.

Is identity verification in line with my data protection rights?

This process complies with data protection regulations. Note in particular that:

  • ID card images and face images/video are used to verify the match between them and ensure responsible gambling for compliance with a legal obligation, through a "one-to-one" biometric screening process that does not require your consent.
  • You can always exercise your right to erasure, which would entail blocking of the data (suspension of all processing except for those arising from legal obligation/defence), and subsequent irreversible definitive erasure after the established retention periods, although such blocking entails deregistration from the service. Maintaining the service active is incompatible with the deletion of the data.

Can I check myself through my personal computer or should I only use a mobile phone?

It is possible to verify documentation through a personal computer, following the procedure established for this purpose and accessible from the menu My Data -> Personal Data. This procedure is manual and requires the documentation to be uploaded to SELAE's website through a form.

Through mobile phones this process is automated (given that this type of device usually incorporates more sophisticated cameras with better features than those of personal computers, guaranteeing a minimum for the process to be completed successfully), including scans of the documentation that are uploaded directly to the website or to the official SELAE sales App.

I don't have a phone with an internet connection. How can I send my data?

In this case, it is necessary to go to  with a mobile phone with internet access (even if you are not the owner) then log in to the website using your personal details to complete the process. This process can be carried out with virtually any mobile device or tablet with internet access, whether iOS or Android.

Why do you ask for a video showing my face in addition to my DNI/NIE?

With the documentation provided we can only ensure that your details are correct by checking them against those we have registered in your gambling account, but we cannot guarantee that you are the real owner of the document that performs the action and that there is therefore no identity theft. By means of the video we will check these aspects (by checking the photo of the DNI/NIE with an image taken from the video). This biometric processing of your data helps us to protect you as a consumer, and especially to prevent gambling by minors and excessive gamblers.

I have an iPhone, how do I verify my identity?

There are two options:

  • Although it is not essential, the fastest way is to download the  official Loterías app from the Apple Store  (“Loterías y Apuestas del Estado”)  then go to “View profile” in the menu and click on “Verify Identity".
  • You can also verify your identity by going to our website, with your usual browser (preferably Chrome or Safari), logging in and going to "Verify identity" in the "Personal data" menu to start the process.

I have an iPhone, how do I get the official Loterías app?

Simply go to the Apple Store, search for, download and install our app ("Loterías y Apuestas del Estado"). The link is also available on our website, el at the bottom of the screen  ("Available on the App Store").

I have an Android, how do I verify my identity?

There are two options:

  • Although it is not essential, the fastest way is by downloading the file that contains our official app  from the footer of our website ("Available for Android") and clicking the "For Android" button. You then need to install the downloaded file by running it, taking into account that the Android system will warn you (and you will have to click on accept) that the software comes from “Unknown sources” as it has not been downloaded from Google Play. Loterías del Estado guarantees that our official App, downloaded from our website, is completely secure and does not contain any software that could put your Android mobile at risk, so you can perform the installation process without any worries. Once the app is installed, you will have to complete the document verification process by going to “View profile” in the menu and clicking on “Verify Identity”.
  • You can also verify your identity by going to our website, with your usual browser (preferably Chrome or Safari), logging in and going to "Verify identity" in the "Personal data" menu to start the process.

I have an Android, how do I get the official Loterías app?

Just go to our website, and go down to the bottom of the screen, where you will see the link "Available for Android". Click to access the page to download our official app, and when you click on the    “For Android” button.  the download of the file that contains our official Android App will begin.

Once downloaded, you must find the file on your phone to run it and start the installation of the app. Keep in mind that prior to installation, the Android operating system will indicate that this software comes from “unknown sources”, since it has not been downloaded from Google Play. You must accept the installation for it to continue and finish.

Loterías del Estado guarantees that our official App, downloaded from our website, is completely secure and does not contain any software that could put your Android mobile at risk.

I have an Android and I can't download the app because I get a lot of error messages. What do I do?

When installing the file that contains our app and running it to install it, you must make sure you answer the questions asked by the Android operating system and indicate that you trust the software you are installing. If you complete this step, the app will be installed automatically without any difficulty, you will simply be asked for permission to access your camera (to perform the documentary verification), microphone (to play using your voice) and GPS device (to ensure that you are playing from Spain).

I do not want to use the official app; how do I verify my identity? 

If you use your mobile, you can start by having your DNI/NIE on hand and entering the Personal Data page with a browser and pressing the "Verify from mobile" button.  Remember that in this case you must allow your browser (we recommend Chrome or Safari) to use your phone's camera device (as we will need to take two photos of your ID and a video of your face to ensure that you are the owner of the document being shown). To grant these permissions, before going to our website you must go to “Settings” on your phone, and then select your browser in “Applications”. Once selected, you will see the option “Permissions”, where you must add the “Camera” to be able to use it in the verification process.  Furthermore, using your mobile or a personal computer, you can start the process by clicking on the alternative manual verification link that also appears on the Personal Data page. In this case we will ask you to attach three files: one showing the front of your DNI/NIE, another showing the back of your DNI/NIE, and a third with a picture of your face.

I have uploaded my identity document (front and back) to the platform and the small video requested, but I still cannot verify my identity

The main problems are usually due to two reasons:

  • The poor quality of the photograph taken of the front of your document, which does not allow your photograph to be seen clearly enough (perhaps due to reflections or a dark environment).
  • A poor quality video that does not allow us to confirm that the person taking the video is the same as the person shown in the documentation. It is usually due to blurry or choppy videos that do not focus on the face, or videos made with poor lighting.

In any case, we advise you to carry out the process in a well-lit area, without direct light that may cause unwanted reflections.

I am a permanent foreign resident in Spain with an unexpired Identity Card or passport. How can I verify my identity on the website?

If you do not currently have a National ID Card, but do have a Foreign Resident’s ID Card, follow the same process. If you only have a valid resident's card and valid passport, you must  manually verify   by providing this documentation along with a photograph in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif format.

I am an EU citizen residing in Spain but I have neither a Foreigners’ Identity Card nor an unexpired passport. How can I verify my identity on the website?

In the event you only have a residency card, you must submit it along with the National Identity Document from your country of origin and a photograph in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif format and with a size smaller than 20 MB through our contact form (Option "11.-Documentary verification of identity") and wait a few days for us to verify your identity.

¿ Can I talk to someone for help during the process?

Of course, you can always call us at 900 29 41 05 and we will try to help you complete the document verification process in a fast and satisfactory way.