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How do I know if I have won a prize?

If you have won a prize, we will always notify you completely free of charge via email, internal and text message notification, so that it is virtually impossible not to find out that you have won.


In any case, all the information about your prize will be available in the "Betting", section on the site, where you can see the LIST of all the bets you have placed on our website.

At a glance you can see if they are active, drawn or have won, and all the data related to them in detail:

  • The information displayed in this list takes precedence over any notification that you have received in the form of an email or text message, given that external notifications are subject to error and/or changes that we at Loterías cannot control.

  • If you win a prize of less than €2,000, you will see it listed in the "Status" column and you will be paid automatically after the draw into your Lotobolsa.

  • If your prize is higher than this amount, this will also be entered in the “status” column, and we will notify you by text message and email so that you can indicate or verify the bank account where you specifically want to receive the payment of this prize. So that we can make the payment directly, it is necessary for you to include or verify the destination bank account by accessing it from the details of the winning bet within 3 months, as this payment is independent of the account you have configured for your downloads.
    Also, due to the new regulations, it is mandatory that your identity is verified by checking your identity documents. For which, if you have not already done so, you must have your DNI/NIE on hand and you must complete our identity verification process using our official App for IOS or Android or from the Personal Data screen by clicking here. aquí.

Remember that this request will never include any form of payment by you.